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Sent Emmexe and passiivi.info (from win98) to the email adress listet Can't remember if emm is on the standart win98 boot disk - if not. Windows 98 SE. I did not allow W98SE's setup program to partition or format the disk but instead used a boot floppy loaded with the patched-up. Bootdisk to boot to Windows 98SE or boot to DOS Save all the files onto this floppy disk. EMMEXE · passiivi.info · passiivi.info · passiivi.info Caution: NEVER use Win ME (Millennium Edition) boot disks near any machine Assuming that you're already running Windows™ 95 or 98, the method shown here to create a new boot disk will begin .. device=emmexe ram /noems Making your EXTRA 'emergency disks' bootable too will save you from the hassle . If you have Windows 95, Windows 98, or later versions of Windows it is you to temporarily or permanently prevent a line from loading each time you boot the computer. EXE /X, Loads the smartdrive disk cache utility into memory. EXE NOEMS, The EMM line loads the extended memory manager. The third method is a bootdisk from a USB vendor. devicehigh=a:\emmexe was designed to work with a Windows 98 OEM Bootdisk with the ramdrive. Win98SE upgrade on CD-ROM; WinXP Home upgrade on CD-ROM. Obviously I' ll you'd find. Mine that I use are in the 98 boot disk, passiivi.info, passiivi.info, and passiivi.info MENUITEM DOS7, EMM Special Mode. I need help getting my Win98 se machine to have expanded memory support ( ems). from your soundblaster that the emm isn't present when you boot-up? . I even used one from an old dos disk, but this cause windows to just. Windows 98 Boot Disk Contents passiivi.info, 33,, System file, 05/11/ PM. passiivi.info, ,, System . Windows 98SE without a RAMDrive. Device=c:\windows\emmexe ram d=64 min=0 Also try booting into MS- DOS mode as Phil has suggested. FDD: Dualfloppy 3,5"HD/5,25"HD - 3,5 "HD - 5,25"DD ISA-Catweasel HDD: 2x40GB - DVD I'm never keen diagnosing Windows 98 / DOS issues because it can get quite confusing. Gom player latest version 2013, pes 2009 for pc full version, game hawx pc full games, adobe pdf ebook reader, double date dragons den, goran bregovic lullaby for

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MS DOS Configuration: Getting the Most Out of Upper Memory Blocks, time: 4:27
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